Team Authentic Probiotics!



Dr. L. J. Hanson has a PhD in nutrition, physiology, and biochemistry, graduated from the University of Wisconsin and the University of Illinois; he is a pioneer of probiotics and researched their effects on various health conditions.

Dr. L. J. Hanson launched a joint venture with a Swedish company in 1984 to produce beneficial bacteria now known as probiotics to use in the agriculture and livestock industries. In the early days, he was instrumental in doing research at various universities to prove the importance of micro-organisms in the area of fermentation and as a potential replacement for antibiotics in livestock rations.

Dr. Hanson served on many industry committees to help educate state and federal regulators about these probiotics. he has an enduring interest in how beneficial these products can be in human applications. He has personally benefited from the daily addition of probiotics in his routine.

Dr. Hanson is successfully maintaining a wonderful, active, healthy life while living with cancer of the bone marrow, at the seasoned age of 90. Dr. Hanson is excited to present this product with the timely addition of an immune boosting component to the general public. He hopes to educate people about the benefits of supplementing their immune systems with probiotics and nutritional ingredients.




Amy is CEO and Chairman of FureverWell LLC, a pet nutritional supplement company. She has been involved in bringing Authentic Probiotic and Immune Stimulus to the market with emphasis in building relationships through business entrepreneurship.



Executive Vice President, Vice President for Africa

Veronica comes from Kenya, she has warm feelings for her native country. She comes from the Nandi ethnic group in the Rift Valley. Veronica immigrated to the U.S as a medical missionary. She has studied and practiced holistic nutrition and has had a strong interest in health and nutrition. Veronica serves as a public speaker and has motivated people in both Kenya and the U.S. She has served on many boards and committees including the Oversight and Compliance Council of GI (Gotabgaa International). Veronica is excited to bring Authentic Probiotic and Immune Stimulus to the African community both in the U.S and Africa.


Dr. Todd

Medical Advisory

Dr. Todd serves as medical advisor to Leroy Hanson Enterprises LLC. He is board certified in family medicine and has served since 1996 in family medicine, urgent care, emergency medicine, and most recently as a front line physician during the COVID-19 pandemic.